Our clients recover hundreds of millions of
dollars per year through our services
Our services allow our clients to take
control of the claims filing process and
and fulfill their fiduciary duty to their clients
CACM maintains a proprietary database
that contains thousands of settlements
and thousands of lawsuits
Your Class Action Claims Filing Solution

Class Action Claims Management Has

Recovered Over $4 Billion For Our Clients

CACM was founded in 2001 and is a leading provider of securities class action data and claims filing services to financial institutions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. CACM also provides claims filing services to companies in virtually every industry in antitrust settlements.

CACM provides global coverage of class action lawsuits and settlements and allows our clients to take control of the claims filing process.

CACM maximizes its clients'recoveries and helps them to fulfill their fiduciary duties to their clients.


  • Class Action Claims Filing: A comprehensive turnkey claims filing solution
  • Class Action Data Notification: Daily updates of all class action lawsuits and settlements
  • International Collective/Group Actions: Participation and recoveries in non U.S. securities litigation.
  • Class Action Portfolio Monitoring: Notification of all class actions affecting your portfolio.
  • Class Action Opt Outs: Independent, conflict free analysis regarding whether to participate in a class action.

CACM provides global coverage of securities class action lawsuits and settlements.


CACM helps clients in virtually every industry to recover funds in Antitrust and Price Fixing settlements.