Securities Class Action Services

Every year settlements worth billions of dollars are reached in securities class action lawsuits. More than $50 billion has been paid to investors from these settlements in the past five years and it is expected that settlements totaling several billion dollars more will be reached in the next few years.

CACM specializes in securities class action research and claims filing services for institutional investors. Our firm is dedicated to recovering the maximum amount of money to which our clients are entitled from securities class action settlements.

Are your funds receiving their share of these settlements? If not, stop leaving money on the table. Our team of securities class action professionals can maximize the recovery of these assets for your funds.

CACM Provides the Following Services:

  • Class Action Claims Filing
  • International Collective/Group Actions
  • Class Action Portfolio Monitoring
  • Class Action Opt Outs

Claims Filing Services

CACM’s comprehensive claims filing services include:

  • CACM gathers the clients trading data.
  • CACM searches the clients’ trading records to determine settlement eligibility.
  • CACM prepares and files the trading data in the case specific electronic filing format.
  • CACM files the proof of claim forms and supporting documentation with the claims administrator.
  • CACM calculates the recognized loss for each claim under the Plan of Allocation for each settlement.
  • CACM verifies that the clients' proof of claim forms have been received by the claims administrator.
  • CACM handles all correspondence or follow up action with the claims administrator to complete the clients' claims.
  • CACM provides online reports to its clients on the claims that have been filed.
  • CACM verifies that the settlement payments are correct and allocates the payments as the clients direct.
  • Class Action Data Notification Services

    CACM provides global coverage of securities class actions. CACM provides class action data on Australia, Europe, South America, North America and Asia. The major data points CACM provides for each class action include: :

  • Company/Issuer Name
  • Security ID numbers
  • Class period dates and trailing buy/sales period dates
  • Exclusion, objection and lead plaintiff deadlines
  • Claims filing deadlines
  • Hearing Dates
  • Case status
  • Settlement amount
  • Description of the lawsuit and settlement
  • Plan of Allocation
  • Downloadable claim forms
  • Claims Administrator contact information
  • Class Counsel contact information
  • International Class and Collective/Group Actions:

    CACM provides global coverage of securities class actions. Outside the U.S., we monitor class actions in Australia, Europe, South America, North America and Asia. Since the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in Morrison v. National Australia Bank, Ltd., limited the applicability of the U.S. securities laws to transactions occurring in or connected o the U.S., many non U.S. jurisdictions have adopted laws and procedures to permit aggrieved investors to pursue claims for securities fraud. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in the number of non U.S. actions for securities fraud. These non U.S. actions are significantly different from U.S. class actions. CACM helps its clients to navigate the field of non U.S. class actions and group/collective actions.

    There are currently more than 100 actions pending in over 13 countries.

    For International Class, Collective and Group Actions, CACM provides the following services:

  • CACM gathers the clients trading data and prepares it for submission for the non U.S. action.
  • CACM coordinates with non U.S. legal counsel, litigation funders and investor foundations in the various jurisdictions.
  • Class Action Portfolio Monitoring

    CACM’s proprietary database contains complete data on thousands of class action lawsuits and settlements and is updated daily. CACM can provide its clients with the information necessary to decide whether to pursue a lead plaintiff opportunity in newly filed class actions.

    CACM provides clients with all class action reports on all newly filed class action lawsuits with their funds market losses calculated under LIFO and FIFO. CACM works with clients and independent outside counsel to help the clients reach the appropriate decision.

    Class Action Opt Outs

    CACM provides its clients with the information necessary to decide whether to participate in a class action or to opt out and pursue a private lawsuit. CACM has excellent relations with several of the leading securities litigation law firms to provide independent, conflict free case evaluations to our clients.

    To assist our clients in deciding whether to pursue a private lawsuit, CACM will:

  • Prepare a report with market losses calculated under LIFO and FIFO
  • Act as a buffer between the clients and outside counsel
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the litigation
  • Who Can Benefit From Our Services?


    Institutional investment managers
    Hedge funds and mutual funds
    Public and private pension plans
    Custodial banks and trust companies
    Brokerage firms and proprietary trading firms
    Endowments and Family Offices
    High net worth individuals